Customer Testimonials

Paul Speer (Locksmith)

"I find JB Key staff very helpful. In the case of rare or uncommon key blanks, there is always someone at the other end of the line to help identify the correct key blanks. The knowledge and experience of staff on the keys is excellent".


Jimmy Bohan, Mallow, Cork (Dry cleaners & Key Cutting)

"We have a great business relationship with JB Key Co going back over 20 years. Any  queries we ever have are always dealt with quickly and efficiently".


The Heel Bar, Belfast (Shoe Repair)

"We have 5 Keyline key cutting machines supplied by JB Key and we really like the brand. We are delighted with our most recent key machine addition, the Dezmo cut to code machine. The guidance and back up service that JB Key provide alongside their machines is fantastic".


Eddie Coleman, Middleton, Co Cork (Paint Shop)

"JB Key Co offer a first class service in the key industry. Their next day delivery policy is very convenient when you need stock in a hurry. Also the quality of their products is guaranteed- a great supplier for peace of mind on product quality".


John Ward, Roscommon (Wards Hardware)

"JB Key provide a great service and are excellent at giving helpful advice. There is always someone on hand to help you with keys that are tricky to identify."